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Prep Embarks on Lenten Journey at Ash Wednesday Service

The Prep community gathered Wednesday morning in the gym to take the first steps together in a Lenten journey of reflection. Fr. Matt Cassidy, S.J. presided at the Ash Wednesday prayer service, and invited the community to celebrate a time of renewal, to be open to spiritual growth, and to accept the mark of ashes "as an outward sign of this inward journey."

Following the Gospel reading, Prep's Dean of Students, Mr. John Morris, offered a reflection on the traditional Ash Wednesday blessing: "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." These words, taken from the book of Genesis, serve as a reminder of our mortality, but as Mr. Morris explained, they are also an invitation to live more fully. "The more I have lived and come to know serious, loving Christians Jews Muslims, Buddhists and more," he said, "the more I have come to know the deep truth of this: contemplation on one's own mortal end, from a desire to live deeply and with love, helps to take us out of the greatest pitfalls of living a balanced and healthy life: the pitfall of being too attached to our own selves. "Today on Ash Wednesday, and for the season of Lent before us, we are asked to practice more mindfully a physical and mental letting go of ourselves as the center of our own universe," he added.