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"Million Meter Magis" Makes a Splash on Dry Land

With Ash Wednesday on the horizon, Prep is getting a head start on a longtime Lenten tradition – the Mission Drive. Members of Prep Rowing (along with other hardy volunteers) are striving to log one million total meters on four rowing machines in the Moriarty Science Center Lobby by the end of school Friday.

The effort kicked off at 9 a.m. Thursday. Prep rowers are leading the way, with an invitation extendted to all members of the Prep community who would like to pitch in, following a brief tutorial from the athletes on proper technique. Each machine corresponds to one of four mission activities that Prep supports both through the Mission Drive and the Christian Service program: the Bethel Shelter in Bethel, Alaska; Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles; the Working Boys' Center in Quito, Ecuador; and the Prep Food Pantry. Passersby are invited to show their support for one or more of these sites by placing donations in a bucket next to the correspoding machine.