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The Profile of an Ignatian Educator

Saint Peter's Prep Profile of an Ignatian Educator

Ignatian Educators are reflective people.

  • We reflect in our daily lives.
  • We teach students how to reflect in their thinking, reading, and writing.
  • We instill in our students a sense of reflection that leads to a passionate commitment to being lifelong learners.
  • We reflect on the world around us, exposing students to new opportunities.

Ignatian Educators value discernment.

  • We discern our own gifts and talents and are willing to share them with others
  • We are willing to develop areas where we need to grow.
  • We seek to find the correlation between or lessons and theory with the real world.
  • We understand our passions, and the unique role we play as Ignatian Educators in a Jesuit school.
  • We encourage students to know who they are and to develop academic and personal standards appropriate to them.

Ignatian Educators hope to empower others.

  • We journey with our students to appreciate cultures other than our own.
  • We strive to grow in our understanding of the human condition so that we can better interact with humanity.
  • We encourage independence in our students to find their own voice, their inner freedom, and passion according to God’s will.
  • We strive to validate our students by being inspired by them.
  • We encourage students to develop their own academic and personal standards appropriate to who they are.
  • We form students to be on the frontiers with Christ, in The Church, for The World.
  • We build community by building relationships.
  • We learn from each other.

Ignatian Educators are creative and created.

  • We inspire students to find their own voice.
  • We desire to be inquisitive thinkers.
  • We assimilate a cross-curricular understanding for our students.
  • We are called to understand a student’s context, to relate what we learn to how we live.
  • We plant seeds that we know become trees, the fruit of which we may never see.

Ignatian Educators at Saint Peter’s Prep model…

  • Respect from others who are different from us or hold different viewpoints.
  • Support of others in a loving and affirming way.
  • Good work habits and self-discipline.
  • Sensitivity to individual needs.
  • Selflessness.
  • Being agents of change.
  • Gratitude for our many blessings.
  • Justice for the poor and marginalized.
  • Cura Personalis, care for the individual.
  • Service to others.


 The JSEA  'Profile of an Ignatian Educator ' can be found here: