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Blood Drive

Annual Blood Drive at Saint Peter's Prep

Saint Peter’s Prep strives to nurture within its students, amongst other qualities, a Commitment to Doing Justice. It is this sense of Service that compelled our Prep students and faculty to donate over 140 units of blood during our annual Blood Drive last year. It seems a small contribution however, when placed in the greater context of a nationwide requirement for 38,000 units of blood every day… 13,870,000 in a year. High schools across the country are responsible for 15% of all donations collected each year. We are looking this year to contribute over 200 units of blood as a school community. Our goal is to live out the Mission, and do our part to help save lives.

On Tuesday, October 17, Prep will hold the spring installment of our annual blood drive. In conjunction with The American Red Cross, the entire Saint Peter's Prep school community is invited to help contribute to our Mission in a very concrete way.

General information regarding Blood Drives organized by The American Red Cross can be found here.


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Click here for a message to parents from  Mr. Anthony D. Locricchio '96,  Dean of Student Life



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