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Christian Life Communities (CLC)

Students who are interested in strengthening their prayer lives can join a Christian Life Community group or a "CLC". CLC groups are facilitated by Prep faculty members during lunch periods or after school and are open to members of any faith tradition. There are many CLC groups, so students can easily find one to fit into their schedules.

Each CLC is a group of people (usually between 5 to 8 members) that meets regularly to pray, reflect, and discuss issues of life and faith. Based in Ignatian spirituality, CLCs are groups that help members find God in all things and reflect on the presence of God in their lives.

What is a CLC meeting like?

CLC meetings usually take place once a week for about 40 minutes. Regular meeting times and places are decided upon by the group. Although meetings may vary from group to group, the basic CLC meeting format includes the following:

  • opening and closing prayers
  • sharing on Scripture, a specific faith topic, or facet of Ignatian spirituality
  • sharing how God's presence has been felt in your life in the last week
  • sharing and giving support to each other's experiences of joy and difficulty
  • short meeting evaluation and planning for the next

When do CLC groups meet? 

There are several open-admission CLC groups, run by members of the Prep faculty.  They are:

  • Fr. Azzarto, S.J. - 1st Lunch (ALL CLASS YEARS) - Day posted outside of Father's office
  • Fr. Azzarto, S.J. - 2nd Lunch (ALL CLASS YEARS) - Day posted outside of Father's office
  • Fr. Mullin, S.J. - 1st Lunch (JUNIORS) Thursdays, S101
  • Fr. Mullin, S.J. - 1st Lunch (SENIORS) Wednesdays, S101
  • Fr. Mullin, S.J. - 1st Lunch (SENIORS) Fridays, S101
  • Mr. Murcia (Advancement) - 1st Lunch (SENIORS)
  • Ms. Eppler and Ms. Schlitzer - 1st Lunch (SENIORS) B Days, MSC 218
  • Mr. Comey and Ms. Fencik - 1st Lunch (JUNIORS) D Days
  • Ms. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Galano - 1st Lunch (JUNIORS) D Days, Freshman for a Day Room

To participate in a CLC group, contact the group leaders to learn when and where they meet!

Additionally, there are ten CLC groups dedicated to the formation of Prep's senior Campus Ministry Team:

  • Mr. Dougherty - B Days, 1st Lunch (Kairos 45 Team)
  • Mr. Dougherty - D Days, 1st Lunch (Kairos 46 Team)
  • Mr. Dougherty - E Days, 1st Lunch (Kairos 47 Team)
  • Mr. Dougherty - G Days, 1st Lunch (Kairos 48 Team)
  • Mr. O'Connell - G Days, 1st Lunch (Kairos 49 Team)
  • Mr. O'Connell - A Days, 1st Lunch (Fall Sophomore Retreats Team)
  • Mr. O'Connell - C Days, 1st Lunch (Winter Sophomore Retreats Team)
  • Mr. O'Connell - E Days, 1st Lunch (Spring Sophomore Retreats Team)
  • Mr. Prescia - D Days, 1st Lunch (Liturgy and Prayer Team)
  • Mr. Dougherty - C Days, 1st Lunch (Social Justice Team)