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Freshman for a Day

Eighth graders can participate in Prep's "Freshman for a Day" program. The program allows students to spend a full day at the school, attending classes and eating lunch, escorted by a current Prep freshman ambassador.  You must complete an Inquiry Form before you can make an appointment.  Only those in 8th grade may register for a Freshman for a Day visit.  When you enter your son's school year as "8th", the pull-down menu for Freshman for a Day will open.

The Freshman for a Day program runs from September 24, 2018 until the Friday before Registration Day.  Reservations will be accepted starting on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

Click here to schedule a Freshman for a Day Visit!

Private tours of the campus, conducted on a regular day of classes during the academic year, are also available. Please allow at least one week's notice for a private tour.

To make an appointment for a private tour, or if you have questions about the Freshman For a Day program, please contact Mrs. Diane Casazza in the Admissions Department at 201-547-6465.


Our student ambassadors love showing prospective students around Prep.  Here's what they are saying:

 "Being a Freshman Ambassador is a fun way to help Prep.  I am proud of Prep and am very excited to share my experiences here with eighth graders."

Bennett Wong, '15

 "Freshman for a Day is important because if you leave the right impression about Prep with an eighth grader, it could change a student's life forever.  Freshman for a Day is a great way to get an eighth grader involved in our school even before he is a student here."

Christopher Maloney, '16

"This program gives a visual of what a freshman would go through during his school day. When I went for Freshman For a Day my experience really made my decision clear to come to Saint Peters Prep."

James Niland, '16


And comments from the Class of '17:

"My Freshman for a Day experience was exceptional. Prior to FFAD I was undecided. After FFAD I wanted nothing more than to attend Prep. My freshman, Billy Fitzpatrick, was very nice and helpful. He answered all of my questions and made me feel welcome. I don't think anything in particular stood out for me. I loved every part of my day. The teachers all seemed excellent and the information they were teaching was very intriguing. Overall, I loved the atmosphere as well as everything else. I would recommend Freshman for a Day to anyone who is considering going to Saint Peter's Prep."

Alex DeMartino, Nutley, Class of 2017



"Freshman for a Day was when my desire to attend Prep was sparked. I was finally part of the comraderie that I had heard so much about. The entire St. Peters Prep atmosphere gave me a wonderful sense of arrival."


--Hans Schundler, Class of 2017