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Classical Languages

All students are required to study one year of classical Latin at Saint Peter's Prep; the third and fourth years of study are offered as electives. An expection to this would be Ignatian and Sheehan Scholars, who are required to take two years of Latin.  The Latin program approaches the language through analysis of grammar, linguistics, and Roman culture and civilization in general. The grammatical deconstruction of Latin and the inevitable gains in knowledge of English grammar are vital to the program, as is the ability to translate and comprehend texts accurately. For those students demonstrating mastery of and interest in Latin, Ancient Greek is offered as an honors-level elective for seniors. The Greek course is designed to develop reading skills and cultural literacy. 

 Mr. Matthew Scannapieco*  x2335
 Mr. David Burokas, '85  x6415
 Ms. Elizabeth D'Emic  x2315
 Mr. Vytas Vaznelis  x2325

* indicates department chairperson

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